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Taking care of a loved one suffering from dementia or an injury can be taxing. But thankfully, you don't have to do it alone. Mel's Heart of Gold Nursing Services, LLC provides professional home care services in Lafayette, LA. We have over two decades of experience and a compassionate team that's ready to step up to the plate. With our in-home care company on your side, you won't have to worry about your loved one having difficulties during day-to-day life.

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Our experienced caregivers
can help in
all kinds of situations

Whether you're struggling because of a mental disease or physical ailment, you can rely on our licensed staff for help. We have extensive experience providing:

  • Stroke patient care: We'll keep patients safe as they recover at home
  • In-home dementia care: Trust us to monitor a patient's behavioral and social skills
  • Post-surgery in-home care: You can relax knowing we're looking out for complications

Our in-home care company gives patients and family members peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing we're going the extra mile for our patients.

Learn more about who we are

Before committing to our patient home care company, you might want to see if our values align. We focus on being:

  • Trustworthy - you'll feel comfortable having us in your home
  • Supportive - we'll help you reach your goals and feel taken care of
  • Skillful - our staff has spent years in the industry learning the best practices

You won't regret choosing our home helpers for assistance because we'll treat your loved one with respect and kindness. And, we'll visit as often as you need us to. Contact us today to start home care services.

Meet Pastor Jaylon J. Grogan, Sr.

What does Pastoral Care include?

• Spiritual Plan of Care for all patients according to specific spiritual needs

• Grievance Counseling for Patients and family members during patients' lifespans and for the first year for family members after the loss of a loved one

• If patients have a local pastor, partner with the local pastor to meet needs such as receiving sacraments/Communion

• Regular visits and calls

•Officiating any funeral services, if needed

Companionship Services

-Offer Elderly companionship and conversation
-Monitor diet and eating
-Provide medication reminders
-Aid with morning and wake-up
-Assist with evening and tuck-in
-Stimulate mental awareness
-Assist with ambulation
-Assist with entertainment
-Answer the door
-Answer the telephone
-Review phone messages
-Assist with clothing selection
-Aid with reading
-Provide reminders for appointments
-Supervise maintenance
-Oversee deliveries
-Plan visits, outings, and trips
-Maintain calendar
-Doctor visits

Personal Services

-Oral care
-Cognitive impairment
-Medication reminders
-Linen changes
-Vital sign documentation
-Transportation/assist with wheelchair/walker transfers
-Hair care
-Ensuring safety measures
-Provide medical care based on individual needs

My Mission:

To be the chosen In-Home Organization that will increase the level of all patient's ability and to provide superior care for my community.

Mel's Heart of Gold was founded through humble beginnings and many struggles.

Marilyn (Mel) Pickney is the founder of Mel's Heart of Gold Nursing Services, LLC for over 16 years. She is a graduate of the Master's program from Louisiana State University of Baton Rouge. She has an In-Home care organization that provides experienced staff that will always exceed your expectations. There is an extensive passion that lies within her that desires for this organization to be the leading agency on the highest level. Marilyn has over 30 years of experience varying from direct patient care, Medical Management, Home Health, Human Resources, Insurance Verification and Collections.

Ms. Pickney provided direct patient care while being employed at Lafayette General Medical Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She consistently worked with patients who were requiring medical assistance at home and hospital. From the age of 8, her passion began while caring for her late grandmother who was severely debilitated with Insulin dependent diabetes, along with leg amputations and so much more. Caring for her was Mel's priority daily. As she continued to become aware of medical requirements, Mel dedicated herself to ensure that she would always create an atmosphere of love and knowledge to enhance medical awareness. Mel was awarded the Heart of Gold Award for service excellence. Dr. John Cobb and Associates monitored her sincere dedication and decided to instruct her on initiating Mel's Heart of Gold Nursing, LLC.