Is Mel's Heart of Gold Nursing Licensed and Bonded?


What is the radius of services for Mel's Heart of Gold?

Within a 40-mile radius unless discussed in advance.

Is this a private pay agency?


Do we accept Veterans?


Do we accept Medicaid patients?

Not at this time

Cost of care?

Contact to discuss a plan that is right for you.

Do we accept patients with Long Term Care?

Yes, and we provide invoicing so that you are able to forward to the LTC once accepted.

Can you keep the same caregivers?

Yes, as long as burnout is not a factor (working too many hours in a week).

Is there an age limitation?

No. We accept all ages - even postpartum care is provided to mothers.

Do we hire/provide male caregivers?

Yes, we do.

What if a caregiver isn't a great match for a family member?

We will evaluate and send out another caregiver who is a better fit for the patient.

Can we provide 24-hour care?


Can the hours change if emergencies or the patient's condition changes?

Yes - please give 24-48 hours' notice, if possible.

How is payroll issued?

An invoice will be sent to the patient or family member on a weekly basis. A check will by provided by the family/patient to the agency. The agency completes all scheduling/payroll. The patient/family never pays the caregiver for any services rendered.